• Hyundai New Thinkers Circuit

    Hyundai New Thinkers Circuit


    With mounting pressure on the environment, HFI goes beyond community development to contribute in a proactive way to the national agenda for sustainability, by spearheading public-private partnerships (PPP) to advance relevant and sustainable projects in the area of climate change adaptation and mitigation.


    The Hyundai New Thinkers Circuit (HNTC), the flagship program of HFI, is designed to be a premier climate science literacy program that provokes, fosters, and nurtures leadership and the innovative spirit among outstanding high school students who can take the lead in building a climate change-resillient Philippines.

    Core Values

    • Interact

      Connecting with brilliant minds and learning how to become a thought leader in one’s chosen field
    • Involve

      Engaging in community development activities to make a positive difference in other people’s lives
    • Immerse

      Exploring the wonders of nature and learning from it first-hand
    • Inspire

      Influencing and empowering others to innovate and improve their way of life

    Each phase of this year-long program corresponds to a core value.
    Phase 1

    Hyundai New Thinkers Summit

    The Summit brings together outstanding high school students from various regions of the country to INTERACT with scientists and innovation experts through knowledge-sharing sessions, thought leadership forums, and climate science discussions.
    Phase 1

    Hyundai New Thinkers Bayanihan

    Students INVOLVE their schools, local government units, and other stakeholders to execute their proposed climate science projects, or “Bayanihan Projects,” that aim to address climate change issues in their respective communities.

    Running for four months, this phase sees students through the development of innovative Bayanihan Projects. They receive funding to implement and launch public awareness campaigns for their proposed projects.
    Phase 1

    Hyundai New Thinkers Camp

    The Camp is a week-long science exploration activity that IMMERSES students in the wonders of the natural world. Filipino climate scientists facilitate a series of activities that will take them to the country’s rich marine reserves, tropical rainforests, mountain treks, and marshlands.
    Phase 1

    Hyundai New Thinkers Spotlight

    The final phase showcases the results of the participants’ “Bayanihan Projects.” This phase aims to INSPIRE other potential New Thinkers to address climate change at the community level. Spotlight will give the students an opportunity to display their work in a science fair environment and defend their ideas in front of a panel of scientists, educators, and CSR advocates.